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Assembly Instructions

We make all our Vivariums to order so each one is individually made, then assembled and then dismantled for delivery (each vivarium will only align with that vivarium). After assembling your vivarium we recommend you seal your vivarium with aquatic grade silicone.

Step 1

Take the base board (this will be larger) and stand it upright, attach the two side panels on each side using the biscuits and screws provided, note they will only match the screw holes on that side.


Step 2

Once the side panels are in place slide the back panel in between the side panels’ biscuit and screw into place.


Step 3

Next you will attach the bottom rail to the vivarium; this has the smaller size (in height) of the glass black track on.


Step 4

Turn the whole unit on to its base and add the top board using the biscuits.


Step 5

The brown blocks (KD blocks) will then all align and screw in the four bolt screws (silver with the larger head).

Step 6

Add the remaining top rail using the biscuits and screw into place.


Wenge colour is currently unavailable

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