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6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft Double Door Vivarium Stand


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There is a £35 large product delivery fee for this item.

Colour guide, click image to enlarge:

6ft x 2ft H x 2.5ft  Double Door Vivarium Stand.

To suit any of our 6ft x 2.5ft deep vivarium’s.

The stands are made in 18mm MFC Board. All the colours available match our vivarium’s.

Our vivarium’s sit directly on top of the stand (the vivarium overhangs by a few millimetres, so not completely flush). The stands do not come with a top on but are supported across the back for stability and are open at the back to allow space for cables and other accessories being used for the vivarium on top.

We take pride in our products so ensure that all our products are sturdy and made to last. They will take the weight of the taller six foot vivarium’s we have for sale. We recommend measuring your ceiling height if buying a taller vivarium with this stand (just in case!!).

Please see shipping terms for our Delivery Area.

Delivery is to your door (ground floor only).



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