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Exo Terra Heatwave Desert Mat 26x28cm


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Exo Terra Heatwave Desert Mat 26x28cm

Exo Terra Heatwave Desert Mat simulates a heated desert floor within your glass terrarium.

In the desert, the sun is constantly heating the sand and so reptiles native to these conditions, such as bearded dragons and leopard geckos enjoy a warm substrate.

The substrate in desert environments is dry and does not increase the air humidity as seen in rainforests or tropical areas.

The power of the Heat Wave Desert substrate heater is designed to safely create these conditions in a glass terrarium. You shouldn’t use this product in a wooden vivarium.

Heat Wave Desert -Ideal for dry or desert terrariums.

-For under tank mounting.

-Conductive heat source for reptiles and arachnids.

-Helps in thermo-regulating, important for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity.

-Safe, even heat distribution.

-Perfect for bottom dwellers when mounted under the terrarium.

-Perfect for tree bottom reptiles when mounted on the back or the sides of the terrarium

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