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Pro rep hemp bedding 10 ltr


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Pro rep hemp bedding 10 ltr

ProRep Reptile Hemp Bedding is a soft and dust-free hemp based substrate. It is safe if accidentally ingested and can be used for a variety of dry enclosures. The bedding is odourless, lightweight and will provide burrowing enrichment for your pet. ProRep Hemp bedding is suitable for snakes, tortoises and lizards from dry regions.

ProRep Hemp bedding will help absorb any odour and waste from your reptile. Frequent spot cleaning of the substrate will mean a total clean out will be required less often. ProRep Hemp bedding is bio degradable.

Only use a thin layer with any ground heating equipment and consult your heat mat manufacturers guide for advice.

Suitable for:

•Desert Habitats

•Arid Habitats




•Small Mammals

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